The Bots are Coming! The Bots are Coming!

The Check Point 2013 Security Report researched almost 900 businesses in 62 countries to determine the major security risks companies are exposed to daily. The research shockingly showed that 63% of enterprises are infected with bots. As well, more than half are infected with new malware at least once per day.

Cybercrime is ever evolving, and has reached unprecedented levels. Cybercriminals are constantly changing their techniques, and are threatening organizations of all sizes.

The top threats include botnets and risky Web applications. The surge in Web 2.0 applications has provided cybercriminals with brand new ways of infiltrating corporate networks. The survey showed 91% of enterprises use applications with potential security risks. Over half of the enterprises surveyed had experienced a data loss incident.

Being aware of all activity taking place on their networks is a major component for enterprises to develop a strong security blueprint. Security threats are constantly evolving, and enterprises must do what they can to minimize their risks.

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