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More on the Private Cloud

Many enterprises are benefiting from private clouds. They are discovering that for security and compliance, the private cloud wins out over the public cloud every time. In addition, the private cloud provides better savings. As detailed in a 2011 study by the Aberdeen Group, the private cloud saves a total of 12% combined annual costs savings over public clouds on a per-application basis.

Budget considerations are not the only considerations. A cloud’s ability to deliver services on demand means IT departments can meet enterprise needs more quickly than when new hardware has to be purchased, tested and implemented. The traditional process can take weeks, even months. A cloud can meet the demand within minutes.

Private clouds also create a strong technical foundation for the so-called “Post-PC Era” where desktop computers are now just part of the mix of devices that also includes thin clients, tablets and smartphones. Vital applications and enterprise data reside in the cloud, waiting to flow to any of these devices.

Using a public cloud has appeal because it requires little to no infrastructure investment by the user enterprise while enabling unprecedented levels of scalability. However, many organizations still balk at the compliance, privacy, security and data availability issues associated with public services.

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