Security Challenges of the Public Cloud

Two-thirds of businesses identify security as the top concern when considering moving to the public cloud. And they are right to do so. Now that data is being stored in new ways and new locations around the globe, businesses need to trust what is happening to their corporate data.

Of the many security challenges that the public cloud has introduced, let’s focus on governance. Achieving and maintaining governance and compliance in the cloud involves considering:

• Jurisdiction and regulatory requirements
Can the data be accessed and stored at rest within regulatory constraints?

• Complying with export/import controls
Are encryption software controls permitted in different countries or jurisdictions?

• Compliance of the infrastructure
Is the cloud infrastructure/architecture/service you are using compliant?

• Audit and reporting requirements
Can you provide the required evidence and reports to demonstrate compliance with regulations and legal requirements?

It is essential for businesses to establish that the governance requirements of their corporate data are being met on the public cloud. If they aren’t then other options must be considered.

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