Common Cloud Computing Missteps

Moving to the cloud can, for many SMBs, seem like a great bargain. They save on expenses such as updating hardware, power, maintenance, and floor space. But moving to the cloud can have its pitfalls as well as benefits, and these pitfalls may bring their own costs.

The pitfalls of moving to the cloud can include:

1. Overlooking the company’s specialized needs. Most cloud offerings are designed to be generic, to fit the general needs of the masses. If a company has unique requirements, such as compliance with regulations, it may face additional charges.

2. Overlooking variable demands. If high-demand periods aren’t addressed up front, a company can face expensive up-charges when those periods occur.

3. Overlooking software license provisions. Many companies assume they can move their apps to the cloud for free. That assumption is likely wrong. Many software licenses prohibit the transfer of apps to the cloud environment, and some providers allow such a transfer for a fee.

4. Getting locked in to a specific cloud solution. Amazon, as well as some other cloud-services providers, has a proprietary application program interface. This type of interface forces its clients to customize their applications. After the expense and effort put into creating customizations it may be too expensive and difficult to switch to another cloud-services provider.

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