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Data Security Tips

Time for New Year’s resolutions, and resolving to protect your data is a great start to the year. Here are some tips to help you in your mission to keep your data safe.

  • Have a breach response plan prepared and tested.
  • Understand cloud service-level agreements so you can push for meaningful information on failover and disaster recovery practices.
  • Educate management on phishing, spear phishing and social engineering.
  • Educate staff to recognize applications and mobile devices that collect or transmit data and to communicate the risks to information security management personnel.
  • Check periodically whether you and your business associates are in compliance with all privacy and security requirements

No doubt you can come up with your own resolutions for the New Year, but please consider these tips if you are serious about preventing data breaches.

Dangers of Big Data

Recently there have been newspaper articles about individuals in different parts of the globe accessing databases unlawfully. One police officer was accessing her department’s database to find personal information about potential boyfriends, and another police officer was using it to extort people whose cars had been parked at dodgy locations.

A big danger posed by Big Data is the number of people who can access it. There are the corporate staff, IT personnel, statisticians, even outside parties such as data scientists who may lack experience in data security. They may also, just as those police officers noted above, have a hidden, personal agenda when accessing corporate data.

Data breaches, whether they be unintentional or malicious, can cost a business its customers, income, reputation, and can even close a business down. Ignoring or mishandling Big Data can have serious consequences.

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